Foundation/Retaining Wall Waterproofing

The foundation of any structure should have waterproofing installed for a variety of reasons. From mold prevention to the energy efficiency of your home, foundation waterproofing is preventive medicine for the health of your home and family.  Foundation waterproofing forms a barrier that prevents water from entering into the interior of the structure.  The system also prevents water under hydrostatic pressure from entering the structure.Shrinkage cracks are inevitable as concrete cures (which is a natural, unavoidable process). With a foundation waterproofing system in place, a membrane will protect against intrusion, protecting the concrete itself and the integrity of the foundation. There are several options for waterproofing depending on your application.

• Crawlspace      • Basement Walls/Retaining Walls



For crawlspace foundations Prokote implements Watchdog® H3.  Through wet seasons, saturated soil and freeze/thaw cycles, Watchdog bites back against the constant threat of moisture.  Watchdog waterproofing's flexible membrane provides thorough, seamless coverage for foundations.  It also seals shrinkage cracks - effectively blocking potential seepage points.  This resilient membraneeven blocks out water under hydrostatic pressure, which occurs naturally underground (a performance trait that mere damp-proofing can't provide).

Basement Walls / Retaining Walls

For basement walls and interior retaining walls, whether they are poured, block or ICF walls, Prokote has a solution for your specific application. Prokote utilizes only the best products available. TUFF-N-DRI® H8 spray applied, Carlisle Miradri 860/861 peel and stick, and TegraSeal bentonite clays are but a few options available. Prokotes team of professionals can help you determine which application best fits your projects needs. 

For most typical basement applications TUFF-N-DRI® H8 is your go to application. Without proper waterproofing protection, basement walls are susceptible to three main forms of moisture - leaks. seepage and interior condensation.  That's why you should make the call for the TUFF-N-DRI® Basement Waterproofing System. TUFF-N-DRI® has been providing Guaranteed Dry Basements since 1983, and is North America's #1 brand of new basement waterproofing.  Why isTUFF-N-DRI® so effective?  It's powerful combination of components team up to control the three main sources of moisture from basement walls. The rugged TUFF-N-DRI® membrane seals out water leaks and seepage. And theWARM-N-DRI® Foundation Board insulates basement walls on the outside -- the key to reducing condensation on the inside.  Too much moisture inside your home can foster damp, uncomfortable conditions. Extra water vapor in the air also enhances the chill of winter and the hot, sticky feel of summer.  So heating, cooling and dehumidifying systems have to work harder and use more energy. The moisture control and insulating properties of TUFF-N-DRI® can help your basement space more comfortable and energy-efficient for the long term.  Plus, TUFF-N-DRI® is backed by a 30 year transferable performance warranty.*  It's one of the best warranties in the business, so you can rest easier for years to come.

TegraSeal Products, LLC manufactures high performance bentonite waterproofing systems and cold-joint water stops.  Designed for backfilled and blindside walls, under slabs, decks, tunnels, planters, or green roof installations. TegraSealprovides design assistance for both adhere and mechanically fastened systems, approved applicators, independent inspections, with complete waterproofing and water retention systems.