Renovation and Maintenance

Whether we’ve designed and built your deck or someone else has, our deck renovation and maintenance program will ensure your deck gets the attention it needs to remain an asset to your home. Decks are constantly exposed to the elements, UV exposure, wind, rain, snow and constant temperature fluctuations that can all lead to a constant state of degradation. If not corrected and maintained properly, your deck can become so problematic that it actually can compromise the entire structure of your home.  Deck failure can be primary cause to above grade water intrusion and dry rot.  Our waterproofing expertise can help you with solutions to failing decks and continued deck maintenance. Or if your looking to just change the look of your existing deck or just a facelift, WE HAVE SOLUTIONS!!! 

Call Pro-kote today at (541) 732-2551 and let one of our experts help walk you through the process of maintaining a healthy, attractive home.