Representing a remarkable breakthrough in better performance and exceptional value, the Enviro-Dri Weather-Resistant Barrier System more effectively protects  your home - and your reputation - from the enviroment... AND THE COST TO BENEFIT RATIO FAR EXCEEDS TRADITIONAL HOUSEWRAPS!!!!

Whether you're a homeowner or builder, let the Pro-Kote experts show you the EXTREME benefits of the Enviro-Dri Product.

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Residential Building Envelopes

Before Enviro-Dri 
Weather-Resistant Barrier System

After Enviro-Dri 
Weather-Resistant Barrier System

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An effective air barrier also prevents a majority of the damage done to buildings associated with moisture. Most of the moisture (90%) which ingresses into the building envelope is carried by air.

Air-borne moisture can condense on colder surfaces, leading to rot and deterioration of the substrate, and providing a necessary growing condition for mold. Thus, air barrier products are important components of an air barrier system which helps prevent decay, deterioration, and mold.

Building scientists, specifiers, and builders are convinced that an effective air barrier is the most cost-effective way to create durable, healthy, energy efficient buildings.

Stopping unwanted air infiltration into residential homes and commercial buildings is one of the most important and cost effective ways to reduce heating and cooling costs, improve indoor air quality, and provide a more durable, energy efficient construction.

State-of-the-art building science is focused on increasing energy efficient construction through the design of, among other things, superior air barrier systems within the building envelope.

The building envelope is the boundary which separates outside air, moisture, wind, etc. from the inside conditioned space. In fact, the importance of the air barrier is such that current and future air barrier testing standards are currently being incorporated into new residential and commercial building codes.

The new codes will no doubt significantly impact construction techniques in the coming years.